Solar Energy Uses

Imagination Sparks Growth in Solar Energy Uses

People are rapidly learning that they can use the power of the sun for more than just getting a good tan. Converting the power of solar electricity into electricity has enabled many to discover many solar energy uses, to help save renewable resources while saving money at the same time. There are 2 basic sorts of solar power: thermal and photovoltaic; and both offer different uses.

The earliest solar energy uses caught the natural heat from the sun, storing it for use when the sun went down. If you have ever touched a brick wall, which was in the direct sunlight, you could feel it had been heated by the sun. After the sun went down and you touched that same wall, it was still warm due to the brick’s capacity of holding onto the heat from the thermal power from the sun.

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One of the solar energy uses of collecting heat power from the sun is used to heat water for swimming pools as well as for gathering the thermal energy and use it for heating tiny interior spaces when the sun is not shining. To heat pool water, the water from the pool is passed through pipes or a rubber bladder that is exposed to direct daylight. As the water is heated, it is returned to the pool, helping warm the leftover water in the pool.

Finding Ways to Have Sun Work For You

Photovoltaic solar energy uses involve changing the heat from the sun into electricity through the use of solar cells. The cells convert the sun’s energy into usable electricity, but typically not enough to be useful. By employing the cells to produce electricity to charge batteries and using devices to operate from the batteries, many efficient solar energy uses have been found.

The size of the batteries used and the size of the solar panel array will determine how much electricity is available. Stored electricity provides solar electricity uses even when the sun goes down at night or is hidden by heavy clouds. The batteries hold direct current and in order to use most home appliances, a converter is employed to convert the electric to alternating current.

Additional solar electricity uses are being discovered each day and analysts are still working on developing a solar powered automobile that is dependent|reliant} on sunlight alone. Providing electricity in undeveloped areas as well as in storm-ravaged areas are only a few of the solar electricity uses in practice today. Staff
Evans D. Smith

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