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Solar Energy History

Solar energy history can be traced back to hundred year ago. Although there are many people using solar power and even people are looking for install solar power systems at home nowadays, solar energy history begins just a hundred year ago.

People discover that the reliance on imported oil may lead to many problems. The price of it fluctuates because its sources are mainly located in unstable areas. Crisis may lead gas price to go up, meaning that the users have to pay more money, and even worse, the supplies would be cut anytime.

With the increase of population, it can be foreseen that the energy that we are using now will disappear one day. People realize that if they keep relying on that kind of energy, they will face a disaster. They will not have any energy to power their homes, cars, offices and everything.

To avoid those problems and let the life of human being goes on, people are looking for an alternative energy that is more stable and cost-effective. More importantly, they want to find an energy which causes less pollution to our environment.

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Solar energy becomes the first choice of scientists and citizens. One of the reasons is that, compared to traditional energy like oil and coal, the costs of solar energy is much lower. And because of more tax incentive programs carried out by the government, people are trying to install solar power system for homes.

There is no need for scientists to be surprised about this trend because they have studied this kind of solar use for lots of years. A study of a French mathematician a hundred year ago can be seen as the beginning of the solar energy history. The study has encouraged other scientists. More and more solar power companies have been set up to continue to experiment and develop the use of solar energy in both industrial and residential fields.

The effort of scientists and solar power companies did not make solar energy popular among the public at that time. But most people started to be aware of the importance of solar energy when they discovered the serious problems of the shortage of current sources of energy. The threats alter people to think about the potential of employing solar energy.

People are now more interested in the solar technology. The number of solar panels built for homes is increasing very fast. It is mainly because the process of having solar power for homes becomes easy.

There are lots of information and solar power programs found on the Internet. They are low-cost but their instructions are clear and easy-to-follow. Basically everyone can build a functional solar system for houses by learning the step-by-step guide. Some programs even offer video to make the learning much easier. It is no doubt that the most poplar source of energy must be solar power in future. Staff
Evans D. Smith

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