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Power4Home Review
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Power4Home is created by John Russel, an electrician and home energy expert.

John has been exploring different kinds of technology and equipment, and researching the best way to help homeowners generate their own electricity as well as slash electric bills, since he quitted his job 10 years ago.

He believes that no one on the Earth would like to receive electricity bills months by months as they are now incredibly expensive. He wants to put his effort to change the situation rather than waiting for the government to solve this problem.

Just like John, you are now thinking about homemade energy and, at the same time, how to benefit the Earth. John makes a claim that his Power4Home system will allow you to reduce power bills by 80% and improve our environment.

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With the Power4Home membership, you will be able to learn everything from making your own solar panels to installing your homemade solar panels for your homes. You will be offered a list of videos. The videos will show you exactly the steps to get the job done. The 3 videos include:

Video #1 – Building Your Own Wind Generator
Video #2 – Building Your Own Solar Panel
Video #3 – Installing The Power4Home System

To help you build your own solar power system for home, Power4Home also provides you 6 valuable eBooks and you will know how to do so step-by-step. The eBooks include:

eBook #1 – How to Install The Power4Home System & Save $1,000’s

  • Introduction
  • The Power4Home System
  • Electrical Setup& Installation
  • General Information

eBook #2 – How to Easily Build Your Own Super Efficient Solar Panels

  • Solar Power Dynamics
  • Setup Options
  • PV Panel Construction
  • Maintenance

eBook #3 – How to Build a High Power Wind Generator

  • Wind Power Dynamics
  • The Power4Home Wind Generator
  • Custom Build Guide
  • Building Tips

eBook #4 – 83 Ways To Reduce Your Home Energy Needs

  • Hot Water Heater Tips
  • Home Electronics Tips
  • Colling Tips
  • Heating Tips
  • Winds and Doors Tips
  • Appliance Tips
  • Lighting Tips
  • Insulation

eBook #5 – Advanced Power Saving Technologies

  • What The Electric Company Doesn’t Want You To Know
  • Advanced Electrical Savings Devices
  • Recommended Devices

eBook #6 – Parts List

  • Power4Home Wind Generator Parts List
  • Power4Home Solar Panel Parts List

It is very common for everyone to be eager to build and install homemade solar power system in the right way. Power4Home believes that they have the best practice for you to save money from the expensive electrical bills and it is possible for you to build high-efficiency solar panels for less than $200. They claim that as long as you follow their guide precisely, your solar system will produce the optimum energy output.

Here is some actual costumer feedback on Power4Home:

I personally installed both the solar system and the windmill for just over $200 and I am thrilled. It is much easier than I expected. I feel great now that I’m using green energy. I have already reduced my electricity costs by hundreds of dollars and over the lifetime of this device I expect to save thousands.

Gabriel French

I not exactly the handiest of guys. However I found the instructions in this book to be so easy to follow that I invited my twelve year old son into the act when it came to building the windmill. Also, I was able to pick up six batteries for free like you instructed!  Thanks for the energy savings and the quality time spent with the oldest son!

Tony Wing

Do you remember why you are here reading a review and looking for ways to make use of solar energy for your home? Save the Earth and money. So it is pointless to build a solar system but pay high cost for maintenance every month.

Power4Home believes that their 3 easy techniques will help you lower the maintenance cost. They will provide you valuable advice on how to protect your system from dangerous weather. You can experience Power4Home at no risk because you will be offered a 60 days 100% money back guarantee. You can just cancel it once you are not satisfied.

Renewable energy is a sensational thing taking the economy by storm. It is quite new to us but many of us have started to discover how it works and how it will benefit us. Apart from solar systems for homes, Power4Home will also tell you how to fully get away of the use of natural gas.

All of the instructions will be shown on step-by-step and detailed videos in order to help you build your own solar system correctly. You will not feel overwhelmed and you will realize that it is really a very simple job. You just have to spend a few days watching the videos and follow the instructions. And you will start saving money from the electrical bills.

Power4Home believes that their program contains everything you have to know about making your own solar system. You will gain a lot of benefits from the program. Now make your final step, and start saving money and our Earth with renewable energy at homes.

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Power4Home Review