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Home Made Energy Review
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The founder of Home Made Energy is Bill Ford, a scientist and energy consultant from California.

He has invented methods to generate his own electricity and make the electric company pay him. The methods are shown in Home Made Energy, with a wide range of videos and an in-depth manual. Bill claims that Home Made Energy will be a great assist forĀ  homeowners to build homemade solar power system for under $200.

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Once you have become one of the members of Home Made Energy, you can instantly download the Home Made Energy eBook. The eBook will give you everything from how solar power works to maintaining your homemade solar panels. Here is the table of content:

Chapter 1: Reducing Your Energy Needs

  • Determining Your Energy Needs

Chapter 2: The Magic Behind Solar Power

  • How Solar Power Works?
  • How Long Do Solar Panel Systems Last?

Chapter 3: Building Your Solar Energy System

  • Parts & Their Functions
  • Different Types of Solar Energy Systems

Chapter 4: Solar Panels: To Salvage, Buy or Build

  • Obtaining Free Solar Panels
  • Getting Panels at a Discount
  • Building Your Own Panels

Chapter 5: How to Build Your Own Solar Panel

Chapter 6: Maintaining Your Panels

Chapter 7: How Wind Power Works

  • Parts of A Wind Turbine

Chapter 8: To Buy or Build Your Wind Energy System

Chapter 9: Build Your Own Wind Turbine

Chapter 10: Understanding Hydroelectric Power

Chapter 11: Wiring Your Battery System

Chapter 12: The Alternative Energy Home

Chapter 13: Large Scale Renewable Energy

Chapter 14: More Change for The World to See

  • Reducing Your Oil Dependence
  • The Ethanol Question
  • The Energy of The Future

Chapter 15: What’s Holding back Change?

Chapter 16: Adding to Your Knowledge Baseworkshop and Resources

Chapter 17: Closing Thoughts

You will also be offered a list of incredible videos talking about different kinds of topics related to solar energy. The first, and also the most vital, video will instruct you how to make home energy by yourself. The video breaks the myth that creating energy for homes must be very expensive. You actually can do it in a low priced way if you follow their guide.

The second video will focus on solar system elements and types, and the third one will highlight what you have to pay attention to before hooking a grid-tier system. Other useful videos include information and details about electrical basics, solar system design and sizing, batteries, inverters and other things that you have to be familiar with when building the system. Here is the video list:

Video #1: Introduction To Home Made Energy

Video #2: System Components & Types

Video #3: Special Report

Video #4: Electrical Fundamentals

Video #5: PV System Design And Sizing

Video #6: Tools Needed To Construct The System

Video #7: Batteries

The video package is your first step to be fully benefited with the Home Made Energy membership. Home Made Energy will be uploading new videos regularly. Besides, Home Made Energy will also offer you a PV Panel Array Sizing Worksheet so that you will know how big your homemade solar panels should be.

Here is some actual customer feedback on Home Made Energy:

I’m so glad I tried your system. I made my first solar panel this weekend and I wanted to let you know it’s awesome. With your diagrams work was a breeze. Only one panel saves me a big chunk of electricity. Next weekend I’ll do another one. Most likely with 2 or 3 of these I will be able to eliminate my electric bill for good. Thank you very much.

Terry Rains from Michigan

Thank you for providing this great information. I knew about renewable energy methods but until this point we couldn’t afford to purchase a solar panel. I was so ecstatic when I saw in your guide how easy it is to do this for yourself. Following your instructions and diagrams I was able to do this in about 6 hours and it would have cost me about $2000, if I was to purchase it. I say it’s time well spent. Now I’m saving more than half on my electric bill. I’ll build another one very soon to be able to go off-grid completely. Thank you.

Margaret Otuteye from Canada

You will be offered a 60 days 100% money back guarantee so you can also experience Home Made Energy for yourself at no risk.

To make use of solar power for homes requires tons of information. It will never be an easy job to make your own solar panels or string the solar cells together if you do not have a clear and step-by-step instruction. Home Made Energy will help to achieve your “green” goal with the detailed videos and manual. You will enjoy an environment-friendly, safer and more efficient life shortly.

www.DIYSolarPowerforHomes.com Staff
Evans D. Smith

Home Made Energy Review

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