DIY Solar Power for Homes

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solar power for homes

I am sure that you have recognized solar energy is a great resource to our planet. But do you know that having solar power for homes is also beneficial to you and your family? Nowadays more and more people have realized that and they are looking for ways to install residential solar power systems.

5 Reasons Why You Should Love DIY Solar Power for Homes

No. 1 – Learning how to install a solar power system for homes is very easy nowadays. Apart from hiring solar energy companies to do the job, you can purchase a DIY solar power house guide to learn how to build the systems on your own in just a few days and at a lower cost (even lower than $200!).

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No. 2 – The US government has decided to offer Federal Tax Credits for Energy Efficiency* in 2009. Home owners who install solar power systems will receive a tax credit for 30% of the cost, with no upper limit through 2016 (for existing homes & new construction), so the cost of building the solar power system is even lower.

No. 3 – Thanks to the solar technology development, solar conversion efficiency is increasing and the cost is decreasing. It means that you are going to pay less money but generate more clean power for homes.

No. 4 – US is not the top 5 countries in the world adopting solar power for homes. Only 20,000 households are now using solar energy. (Reuters, 2009) You will become the leader of using renewable energy among your friends. They will appreciate your initiative to protect our world.

No. 5 – People are now aware of the serious pollution and other environmental problems brought by using oil and coal as the primary sources of energy. They, including you, are looking for alternative energy to save the Earth.

Save & Earn Money with a Solar Power System for Home

Does it sound attractive to have solar power for homes? But let’s face the reality. The most significant advantage for having solar power for homes is that it will help you save tons of money each month. You are going to save more than 80% on the electric bills.

Plus, you will earn extra money. It is because if you produce more energy than what your home has used, you can sell the extra energy to the electric company. By law, the company needs to buy the extra energy from you.

Install Solar Power System for Under $200

And making solar power systems for your house can be very cost-effective nowadays. If you are rich you can contact some companies. What if your budget is tight? You can actually build the system by yourself.

With lots of solar energy programs available online, you will find that the cost of solar panels can be reduced from $1000 to $200. That is why many people are considering building their homemade solar energy system.

The most popular program nowadays is Power4Home. This program will teach you how to build a reliable power system for less than $200.

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Enjoy Tax Credits & Lower Building Cost

Another way you can gain advantages from using solar energy is that you will be given a break at tax time when you have installed solar power for homes. The US government aims at encouraging people to “think green” and save the environment.

If you have a solar power house, it means that you will be enjoying a reliable, safe and long-lasting source of energy for a long time in future.

You do not have to spend lots of money on maintaining your solar energy system. You will find that the need of replacing the parts is rare. This, in return, saves you much more money.

Make Cleaner Environment for Our Children

To think big, having solar power for homes lets you become one of the members protecting your planet for your next generations. You will no longer causing air pollution because you are using a clean energy.

By having more and more people using environment-friendly energy, both your and others’ effort will prevent the planet from being further destructed. Your grandchildren will appreciate what you decide to do today.

Solar Power is The Best Solution

We all have discovered that the energy resources we are using today are going to disappear very soon and solar power is the best solution. Many people not only recognized the crisis but also take action to get solar power for homes.

It is very easy to imagine the disaster that the energy resources you use nowadays disappear and you do not have any solar energy systems installed. You will finally have nothing to power your home. Why don’t you start planning that now?

These are just the most vital advantages of having solar power for homes. You will find lots of other benefits about using solar power if you spend time on doing in-depth research. The result will increase your motivation of building a solar power system for your home and you will recognize that solar energy is absolutely the energy source for our future.

* Sources: Dated on 18-06-2009. Staff

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Solar Power for Homes

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